Hola, Hello I am Jess!

For me, makeup has always been about feeling beautiful and confident.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen changes in myself and in my skin. I used to use makeup in a completely different way on my own face, and have had to adjust. Realising how much our faces change as we age has made me incredibly passionate about makeup for over 40s and using conscious makeup brands that are good for our skin and for the planet. Now, I love empowering women over 40 to do their own makeup in a way that works for them and makes them feel confident.

Although I’m from Peru originally, I’ve lived all over the world and did my initial makeup artist training in Singapore. Now that I live here in New Zealand, that global training has given me the ability to communicate with anyone and a good understanding of working with different skin tones, facial features, and needs – perfect for a diverse city like Auckland!

My calm, easy going personality makes every makeup session fun and relaxing, while my attention to detail means you’ll look gorgeous every time, but the biggest thing that sets me apart is how I make you feel. As a mum of a gorgeous teenage daughter, I know how important it is for women of all ages and backgrounds to feel confident.

Whether you need some help getting glam for a special occasion, need to look your best on your wedding day, want to look great in your business profile picture, or want to learn how to do your own makeup better, I’m here to help.

Gracias preciosas,